Volume - The Magazine of the HIGH END SOCIETY

Mission Statement

volume is the new lifestyle magazine for a defined target group: created for men with an avid interest in music and technology. Men with an appreciation for quality, who can develop enthusiasm for fascinating hi-fi equipment, precision mechanical watches, superb cameras, forward-looking and innovative mobile solutions and ultimately all the discerning qualities of a man with style. As a publication featuring thorough research, high-quality layout and vast content, volumemagazine shines with all the fascination quality print media has to offer (also available online starting in 2019). Currently only available in German.

Theme worlds

Hi-fi, Music, High End, Photography, Watches, Sports, Cars


SOUND Where music becomes fascination

TECHNOLOGY Turning potential into progress

MECHANICS Offering a timeless value

ANALOG The importance of slowing down

DIGITAL The future has begun

STYLE Elements that endure – and those that don't