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The Product Philosophy

The idea behind OCTAVE is a passion for music combined with ingenious electronic attitude and an absolute commitment to perfection. The technically innovative, perfectly manufactured, completely safe and user-friendly amplifiers that result offer elegant aesthetics while allowing the beauty of the music and its authentic sound to come alive in living rooms.

What distinguishes OCTAVE? The conviction that true musicality in high fidelity can only be realized with tubes? Surely. But that‘s not the sole factor. The secret of our success lies in the OCTAVE hybrid technology. By that, we mean the optimal synthesis of traditional tube technology and innovative semiconductor circuitry. Tubes ensure the remarkable sound performance of our amplifiers, while our innovative transistor circuits play an important part in enabling the tubes to completely maximize their audiophile potential.

Over 30 years now, OCTAVE has been building high-quality tube amplifiers that offer stable performance and reliability on par with the finest transistor equipment. Our models owe their outstanding durability to the well thought out electronic monitoring and protection systems. The soft-start technology, the controlled "power rise", precise stabilization and intelligent protective circuits are the guarantors of unsurpassed product reliability. After all, with an OCTAVE amplifier, music lovers should be able to listen to their records and CDs - at the highest performance level possible - for decades.

Every OCTAVE amplifier is based on high-quality components – from the input jacks to the output transformers - which are developed and produced by OCTAVE. Each and every model is meticulously hand-built at our company headquarters in the Baden village of Karlsbad, Germany. Before any product leaves our facility, it must first pass stringent quality-control and a 48-hour durability test.

OCTAVE models are engineered to provide a long life-time of unwavering sound quality. As most of the mechanical and electronic components of our products are engineered in-house and produced according to our strict directives by specialized manufacturers, we are able to use original components should service ever be necessary, even if an older model should require repair, thereby offering our customers the highest quality service possible and products that maintain stable performance and maximum value.

Our model philosophy is based on the continuous development and refinement of our products. That we are absolutely right with this concept is confirmed by the intensive, personal dialog with our customers.  We view the numerous group-test wins and awards by the hi-fi press as validation of our efforts. But they are also serve as encouragement to consequently pursue this avenue even further.

The Product Portfolio

Wir bieten alle klassischen Verstärkerlösungen an: Vollverstärker, Vor- und Endverstärker, Phono-Verstärker und eine Vielzahl an speziellen Zusatzmodulen. Das Besondere dabei ist, dass wir sehr moderne und innovative Features entwickeln. So waren wir zum Beispiel die ersten im Röhrenbereich mit einem ECO-Mode, bieten durch eine manuelle BIAS (Ruhestrom) Einstellung viel Raum für klangliche Röhrenexperimente oder im einfachsten Fall ein perfektes Werkzeug für den Austausch einer defekten Röhre.

Wir setzen mit modularen Konzepten Maßstäbe. So können sich die Anforderungen an die Anlage über die Jahre ändern und man muss nicht das ganze Gerät verlustbringend in Zahlung geben, sondern kann über neue Module das Gerät wieder perfekt an die neuen Bedürfnisse anpassen.

Neben leistungsstarken Verstärkern basierend auf Pentodenschaltungen gibt es selbstverständlich auch klassische Trioden. Mit den Jubilee 300 B Monoendstufen bieten wir zum Beispiel erstmals drei 300 B Röhren pro Kanal. Entsprechend hoch ist die Class-A-Leistung: 30 Watt. Aber das Ganze absolut Rausch- und Brumm arm. Mit einem glatten Frequenzgang hinunter bis zu 20 Hz – was technisch als unmöglich galt (http://octave.de/htdocs/verstaerker/jubilee_300B.php). Doch das ist Teil unserer Philosophie. Die Grenzen der Röhrentechnik keinesfalls zu akzeptieren sondern mit aktueller Technik aufzulösen.

Our most successful integrated amplifier V 80 SE with two times 120 watts:

Our Jubliee 300 B triodes with the preamplifier from the Jubilee series:

Our modular system for example with the preamplifier HP 700 with two slots on the rear:

The best headphone amplifier of the world? Octave V 16 Single Ended: