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The Beginning and the 1st HIGH END Show

The idea of the HIGH END SOCIETY and its HIGH END trade fair was born in 1981 after the hi-fi scene demanded a pure hi-fi show. The HIGH END SOCIETY (Interest Society for High Quality Consumer Electronic) is since then the organizer of the "HIGH END" - which has been meeting every year since 1982.

The success of the first "HIGH END" in Duesseldorf, which was held in 1982 was great, that a Society was founded at the Sheraton airport hotel in Frankfurt/Main at December 10th 1982.

It has been 11 people, representing 12 companies, have founded the Society at that day. The name of the person and their companies can be found below. The elected board at that time was:


Mr. Klaus Renner (Magazin „Das Ohr“).
Mrs. Christina Puschmann (P.I.A.).
Mr. Dieter Burmester (Burmester).


The founder members in 1982 are:

Dieter Burmester (Fa. Burmester, 1 Berlin 30)

Thomas Deyerling (Fa. Audio Arts, 6000 Frankfurt)

Rolf Gemein (Fa. Vernissage, 4100 Duisburg)

Branko Glisovic (Fa. Pirol Audio Systeme, 7030 Böblingen)

Kurt W. Hecker (Fa. Technik + Design, 6000 Frankfurt)

Dipl. Ing. Dusan Klimo (Fa. Klimo, 7410 Reutlingen)

Helmut Püllmanns (Fa. Püllmanns, 5000 Köln )

Christina Puschmann (Fa. P.I.A. Vertrieb, 6082 Mörfelden)

Dr. Jochen Rebmann (Fa. Taurus HiFi, 7440 Nürtingen)

Dr. Jochen Rebmann für (Fa. Clearaudio electronic, 8510 Fürth)

Klaus Renner (Das Ohr Verlag, 8000 München)

Werner Schmitt (Fa. AVP, 6450 Hanau)


In 1990 the name was changed from “HIGH END Interessengemeinschaft für hochwertige Musikwiedergabe“ into: „HIGH END SOCIETY“.

1995 in addition the independent HIGH END SOCIETY Ltd. was founded to complete all services and business activities around the shows.

In 2016 we were able to celebrate in Munich the 35th HIGH END show in a row. The HIGH END is the oldest show in Europe and will be held in 2017 for the 14th time at the MOC in Munich-Germany.

The HIGH END SOCIETY has a permanent office located in Wuppertal (near Düsseldorf and Cologne). All activities are co-ordinated and worked out there. In addition, this office serves to help anyone with questions concerning the hi-fi branch.

The HIGH END SOCIETY office has a database, from which information as to where particular equipment may be found in Germany or other European countries and North America and the respective distributors of this equipment may be extracted at any time from the computer. Very similarly databases are available with complete listings of dealers in Germany and other countries.

The office also sets up contacts between manufacturers and distributors and answers questions from end-users as well as the press and broadcast. Problems between dealers and distributors as well as between end-users and dealers are also often settled by the HIGH END SOCIETY office. A hotline exists for information of all kinds, which is quite busy - an indication as to how important such an operation has become (seminars, conferences, job referrals).

The HIGH END SOCIETY takes a position to relevant high-end themes, keeping tight contact with magazines, newspapers, radio and television, providing them with all important information concerning the high-end branch.