The HIGH END SOCIETY SERVICE GMBH is a legally independent “subsidiary” of the High End Society Association and is responsible for the economic realisation of the association’s projects. In the main these activities are the organisation and management of exhibitions, but also include the corresponding production of printed matter (catalogues) for the respective events. It runs its own PR agency to maintain the best possible contact to globally active media organisations and Journalists and is responsible for news coverage and press relations. In addition, the HIGH END SOCIETY SERVICE GMBH is the central point of contact in the international audio sector and views itself as a service provider for an entire industry. The organisation is based in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The trade fairs and exhibitions organised on behalf of the association, correspond to the strategic and economic needs of the industry. These are:

- International: HIGH END (the key trade fair in Europe and beyond)
- National: HIGH END (in Germany) + HIGH END SWISS (in Switzerland)
- Local events: WORLD OF HIFI (all federal states and beyond)

From 1982 up until the end of 2017 we have organised, advertised and successfully managed 110 exhibitions. This makes the HIGH END SOCIETY the global leader in supporting an entire industry, namely that of high-quality consumer electronics.


We have put on the following exhibitions: (up to the end of 2017)

36 x HIGH END exhibitions in Germany (leading position internationally)
9 x HIGH END SWISS in Switzerland (Switzerland national)
50 x WORLD OF HIFI (Germany regional, Switzerland regional)
15 x HIGH END ON TOUR (Germany regional)

Here you can find a list of all exhibitions

The HIGH END - main international exhibition

The HIGH END exhibition is undisputed in setting the tone in Europe, in the truest sense of the word. This is the key exhibition in Europe for high-quality consumer electronics, with virtually all the relevant brands, in a globally operating industry, presenting their current, innovative product portfolio in Munich.

For some, HIGH END is a vast field for audiophile inspiration. For others it is a business appointment of the highest priority. Both are right. Whether it be gently glistening tubes or cool calculating signal processors, elaborate vinyl players or silently rotating hard drives, HIGH END integrates all the technologies that transport an unadulterated musical experience, at the highest level of precision, into living room. Regardless of whether it be two, four or six channels. Naturally, also building a bridge to high definition pictures; for perfect music and media pleasure of the audio-visual type.

Those that cannot find anything at the HIGH END have simply not been looking for something in the first place. Whether specialist dealer, distributor or end customer, visiting HIGH END is indispensable if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

The HIGH END SWISS - a national exhibition

The HIGH END SWISS exhibition, is a fitting setting for the theme of high-quality consumer electronics in Switzerland, although globally there may be other central and more prestigious exhibitions on this theme – not least of which being the HIGH END in Munich – a national audience in each country should have the opportunity to get to see the fascinating products of the consumer electronics industry “up close”.


Exhibitors at the HIGH END® SWISS are Swiss importers and manufacturers that have the distribution rights for attractive brands in Switzerland, as well as manufacturers from other countries that want to demonstrate a presence for the Swiss visitors. Exhibitors, specialist dealers, importers, distributors, journalists and the general public should all profit from this specialist exhibition.

The HIGH END ON TOUR - A local event

The HIGH END SOCIETY endeavours to extend the access to high-quality consumer electronics to all and enthuse with fascinating demonstrations, because music has always been an important leisure activity for most people. The HIGH END ON TOUR takes the regional aspect of our work into account. Because not all have heard of the HIGH END exhibition in Munich or want to travel that far, the HIGH END SOCIETY puts on regional exhibitions in many locations across Germany.


It is in the hands of the sector’s companies to enthuse people at the local events and make the experience emotionally enriching. Also, at these events specialist dealers from the region or town/city are available as a neutral “contact point” and represent local dealer competence.

The HIGH END SOCIETY has amassed know-how and self-confidence and demonstrates this appropriately and accordingly, always thinking and acting in a commercially prudent and strategic manner. The HIGH END SOCIETY fulfils its societal and social duties within the industry to the best of its knowledge and ability. For the area in which the HIGH END SOCIETY operates, it represents both economic and social values. HIGH END SOCIETY employees, customers and suppliers become partners and profit from this partnership. The HIGH END SOCIETY meets the high standards of its partners fully and wins trust due to its activities and achievements.

The HIGH END SOCIETY, with its 35 year history, is a creative, innovative service provider, co-operation partner and instigator in the audio industry that acts in a thoughtful, reliable and fair way. The principles that govern our efforts are directed towards offering the industry a highly-productive service provider and partner that can offer practicable and inexpensive solutions. Also, social aspects such as humanity, tolerance, sympathy, responsibility, trust, fun and enjoyment all play an important role in the daily interaction with our partners. This includes the lively contact with member companies in the association, but also our “other” business partners and institutions worldwide.