When it comes to consumer goods, the current shift in values focusing on sustainability is becoming increasingly important.

The careful use of scarce and valuable resources plays an essential role in pursuing this focus, as does the consideration of the social and ecological conditions under which a product is manufactured. In the luxury segment in particular, taking a conscious and responsible approach to using our resources is more important than ever before.

In an ideal case, luxury articles combine a long product life cycle with materials that can be recycled. The ecological footprint made by these products is a vital issue for all of us. After all, only by ensuring sustainability right now will we have the chance to secure an intact planet that will form the very basis of the existence of future generations. The products presented in our volume magazine are sustainable in the best possible way. They were carefully manufactured from high-quality materials and created to ensure a long product life cycle so that users can enjoy them for many years to come. As a result, these products help to make our Earth a better place, both now and in the long term.



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