T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co.KG

T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co.KG

Planckstraße 9 - 11
32052 Herford
Phone: (0 52 21) 76 76-0
Fax: (0 52 21) 76 76 76


Company Portrait

Actually we're scientists...

...because T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology. Our guiding philosophy is reflected in everything we do. This means that we conceive, refine and manufacture Hi-Fi components of the very highest quality, with the aim of developing High-End products of consummate technical excellence and appearance for our customers all over the world. Instead of setting ourselves limits, we re-imagine new solutions based on our technical and scientific view of the world. Many of the ground-breaking concepts long since adopted by industry - from digital signal processing to active units in loudspeakers - have their origins at T+A.

Made in Germany - Treasured by the world

Since 1978 our family owned and operated enterprise has been based at Herford in Eastern Westphalia, and our strong regional roots give us the stability every day to re-conceive the global audio world.

We are proud to produce technology which is exported to fifty countries all over the world. However, we do not aim to satisfy the mass market; instead our goal is to fulfil our own quality demands, which simply could not be higher. This is the only way we can meet the ambitious goals which we set ourselves. This is also the reason why we keep the development, design and manufacture of our products under our exclusive control at our headquarters in Herford. A small number of components, which require specialised production expertise, are produced in close collaboration with carefully selected sub-contracting companies.

Engineering Emotion

From the initial idea for a new circuit right up to its implementation as a finished circuit board - we control every stage of development, working with great dedication and invention. Our development team is far more than just an indispensable division of the company; it justifies the very existence of our enterprise. T+A was founded back in 1978, based on the desire to combine scientific theory and application in the field of audio technology. From the outset we therefore have never been placing restrictions of any kind on our work as far as our products and their development were concerned. Our innovatory spirit, and our genuine acceptance of social responsibility manifest themselves in the development of unique design philosophies, cooperation with universities, and programmes for supporting the most talented students.

Although the development phase is vital, it is the production process which finally determines the quality of any HiFi device. And that is why all our staff are highly qualified, motivated individuals. Small groups are responsible for production, which entails meticulous detail work. Every one of our products is subjected to a multi-stage quality control process, and its quality is guaranteed. No T+A product is shipped until it has passed a comprehensive, computer-based final test.

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