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Headphones a head above the rest

Upper Bavaria is a picturesque region that has inspired the work of many an artist. Here, at the foot of the beautiful Alps, close to Lake Starnberg, the creative power of nature provides a special type of inspiration: the Raucherberg Estate is where Ultrasone’s unique headphones are crafted.

The journey to the birthplace of Ultrasone headphones is a spectacle in itself. A narrow, winding road leads from the village of Wielenbach, past meadows and forests, to a typically Bavarian country estate. Here, far away from the Metropolis of Munich, is where Ultrasone’s elegant headphone models are built by hand. Anyone who doesn’t know what kind of audiophile gems are created behind our around 100-year-old walls will simply see the impressive building as part of the beauty of the landscape.

Ultrasone have everything: A technically elaborate manufacturing process, an excellently equipped development centre and modern offices – there is just one thing they don’t have: Stress. Because anyone who stands on the company terrace and looks out onto the impressive Alpine scenery has nothing but the sound of cowbells to bring them back to reality. The ideal atmosphere for devoting yourself to developing headphones.

For more than 20 years, not only has Ultrasone stood for first-class headphones that are characterised by high-quality materials like metal, wood and leather and an elegant design – Ultrasone is also a pioneer of headphone technology. The company has filed over 60 patents in this segment – an impressive display of expertise. Ever since the company was founded, S-Logic technology has been the central element of every set of headphones. Unlike other headphones, sound transducers in Ultrasone headphones are not directly aimed at the ear canal, but are instead arranged decentrally so as to use the natural reflections of the inner ear.

This not only creates a larger sound stage, but also gives music more dimensionality and a better spatial quality. The credo: speaker-quality music In fact, S-Logic conveys a broad stereo platform with excellent depth graduation and produces music just as the artists intended.

Over the years, Ultrasone has continued to further develop S-Logic. After the original patent, the company intensified spatial presence still further with S-Logic Plus. S-Logic EX celebrated its premier with the current high-end model Edition 5, which was declared as the ‘best closed headphones that can be bought for money’ by the renowned trade journal Stereoplay. In this model, the sound transducers are not only arranged decentrally, but diagonally towards the bottom. Arranging the sound transducers this way increases the number of reflections, making the sound impact of the headphones indistinguishable from sophisticated hi-fi speakers.

Since the Ultrasone manufacturing facility was founded in 2004, the Bavarian headphone specialist has focussed on hand-crafting their products in Germany. Here, trained professionals the build elegant models in the Edition series as well as the professional headphones in the Signature range. Both exclusive design and high-quality materials are part of the holistic manufacturing concept.


For example, ear pads made from Ethiopian sheep‘s leather ensure optimum comfort The supremely soft material ensures optimum comfort, even after hours of use. Ear caps coated with precious metals like palladium and an inlay made of Zebrano wood or precious metal draw attention to these headphones – and at the same time ensure lasting product satisfaction. Ultrasone demonstrate their sustainability in manufacturing and belief in hand-crafting with a 5-year guarantee.

For a long time, Ultrasone focussed on creating classical on-ear and around-ear models. With the emergence of the ‘mobile hi-fi’ lifestyle, the company began intensive research into how the “sound that the artist intended” could be brought into the world of mobile preamps, smartphones and tablets. The team worked on the first model for almost three years. Not with a view to create the first high-end in-ear headphones, but the best. This extraordinary effort was rewarded. Readers of the Stereoplay journal voted the Ultrasone iQ headphones as the winner of the readers’ choice 2013 – making them the best in-ear headphones of the year. Ultrasone have developed a dual driver concept for delivering outstanding sound. High and low-mid range frequencies are reproduced separately, just as with hi-fi speakers.

Ultrasone now offers three in-ear headphone models. The iQ has now been joined by the Tio and Pyco models. Because in-ear headphones from Bavaria are in greater demand than ever before. The individual functions of the remote control cable can be customised thanks to our app for Android smartphones and tablets. Yet another development that Ultrasone can boast thanks to their expertise. Because here in Wielenbach, Ultrasone are still dedicated to headphones alone.

If a high-end manufacturer achieves great things in Germany, it doesn’t go unnoticed abroad. Every day, headphones leave Ultrasone for countries all over the world – because excellent sound is in demand across the globe. In Asia, North America, Germany – many people enjoy music through headphones that were developed with the impressive Alpine panorama and Lake Starnberg in view.

New models are already being developed and concepts being discussed during strolls around the lake. Above all, they must comply with the company philosophy: Unique products with excellent sound and high-quality materials that give lasting satisfaction. Finally, with the line “THE headphone company”, Ultrasone is making an ambitious claim – a claim that will be gladly defended.