We are pleased to welcome you to the website of the HIGH END SOCIETY e.V., the Association for High Quality Audio and Video Reproduction. Our association has been representing the professional interests of our members, currently a total of 65 companies, in dealings with social, business and other organizations for four decades.

Our common objectives and shared passion form the ideal framework for successful cooperation. The members of the HIGH END SOCIETY e.V. have all had the same strong appreciation for high-quality technology, excellent listening enjoyment and fascinating music reproduction ever since the association was founded back in 1982. With this strong passion and unshakeable commitment, we developed into the world’s largest association for the audio industry within just a few years. We see ourselves as an international ambassador for high fidelity and are also considered to be a recognized mouthpiece with an influence spreading far beyond the realms of the association.

A wide range of task and activities contribute to the success of our work. On top of events that help to pave the way for the development of our industry, we also actively support and promote the culture of sophisticated listening and viewing. Our objective of using top-quality high-end products to attract people’s interest in excellent audio and video reproduction is not only our commitment but also a passion of the heart. We work tirelessly to ensure that exclusive hi-fi products are advanced constantly so that they can make their way into more and more living rooms and help the high-end community to grow continuously, even in a world of digital consumption. Our dedication to this cause has helped us to establish a global reputation both in professional circles and among the general public.

In the HIGH END SOCIETY e.V., manufacturers and distributors of sophisticated high-end devices or their accessories, including both major international enterprises and medium-sized owner-managed companies, are committed to advancing well-established products in order to secure the future of the hi-fi industry on a long-term basis.