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Since 1977 on the market, over 22,000 items in our product range, a storage space of 2,000 m², our own production unit, located in the middle of Europe: in Germany‘s answer to Tuscany – the beautiful Markgräflerland. in-akustik is an owner-managed company, that is dedicated to the marketing and development of innovative hi-fi, video and multimedia accessories. Our own music label promotes exceptional music and media from a very wide range of genres.

Cables - Made in Germany

We don‘t deal in voodoo. We deal in physics. Anybody who has a good command of the laws of physics and knows what can be achieved with the right materials and outstanding cable architecture will attain results that are measurably better. We have implemented all this in our Referenz cables.

Made in Germany: We don’t know where others acquire their cables. For our part, we manufacture our speaker cables here in Germany. And most of our home hi-fi and video cables in the Referenz and Exzellenz quality classes are manufactured by in-house production plants at company headquarter in Ballrechten-Dottingen.

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Die Elektronik: Der schwedische Turbo

Primare´s UFPD Schaltnetzteil (Ultra Fast Power Device) behandelt alle Signale gleich, unabhängig von der Frequenz und ist somit in der Lage, die Filterresonanz

vollständig zu unterdrücken. Daraus resultieren sehr niedrige harmonische Verzerrungen über das gesamte Frequenzband. Dank eines last-unabhängigen, sehr weiten Frequenzspektrums sind die Primare-Verstärker mühelos in der Lage, jeden Lautsprecher kontrolliert und präzise mit Leistung zu versorgen. Primare ist es gelungen, die Klangqualität seiner einzigartigen, innovativen

UFPD Schaltung durch die Auswahl eng-tolerierter Bauteile höchster Qualität, besonders kurze Signalwege, umfangreiche Messungen und ausgiebige Hörtests zu perfektionieren.

Die Lautsprecher: Feinster Koaxialbändchen-Klang 2.0

Die neue Piega Coax-Serie: Die Coax-Systeme der zweiten Generation sind in allen wesentlichen Punkten eine Weiterentwicklung der bisher verwendeten Treiber. Das geniale Grundprinzip des konzentrisch angeordneten Mittelton- Bändchens, in dessen Zentrum das Hochton-Bändchen implementiert ist, wurde selbstverständlich beibehalten. Noch stärkere Neodym-Magnete und

Polplatten aus speziellem hochfestem Stahl mit ferritischem Gefüge sorgen für eine noch extremere Konzentration der Feldlinien und somit einen höheren Wirkungsgrad. Auch das Layout der Flachspulen auf der Rückseite der Folienmembran wurde überarbeitet. Schließlich gelang es Piega, die ohnehin schon fantastische und viel gelobte Detailauflösung der Coax-Systeme noch weiter zu verbessern.

STOIC - The unshakable wall mounts

Vinyl on the turntable is a sensitive passion, nothing disturbs the enthusiasm for music more than an impaired sound. Every vibration, however delicate is annoying, unless the base is right. HighStandArt delivers it: with STOIC, the unshakeable wall mount for efficient protection against vibrations and resonance. Works for all Hi-Fi components, no matter whether analoge or digital.

„The wall mount Stoic is not cheap, but worth its price: Despite its slim profile, it is the most stable wall mount known to us and, especially for turntables, ensures a significantly improved reproduction quality in almost any living situation.“ LP-Magazin 10/11-2018

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U-HQCD - Closer to the Master

The samplers of our Reference Sound Edition have been assembled with a love of musical detail. RESO Mastering (Reference Sound Mastering), the high definition mastering procedure, provides significant acoustic improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and depth differentiation. The music is gaining more atmosphere and emotion. To best transmit this musical experience, instead of a normal CD, a HQCD respectively to get even closer to the master quality, a UHQ-CD is used as sound carrier and instead of normal LP vinyl, 180g audiophile Virgin Vinyl.

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Highlight: The in-akustik AIR technology.

In their quest for finding true air insulation and thus perfect signal separation, we have set new standards with the AIR technology. When it comes to high-end applications, air is actually the best insulator currently available. The use of air insulation allows for achieving low capacities and low losses—key factors for pristine transmission. Our Air Helix principle is truly unique: we have designed a dedicated clip to approximate to perfect air insulation as closely as possible. Inside the cable, a huge number of those clips are arranged to form a special helical support holding eight signal conductors freely in the air while keeping them at an exact distance throughout the cable. The structure is highly flexible thanks to two crosspieces that do not only interconnect the clips but also ensure highly accurate spacing. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at the on-site factory and then threaded into the Cross Link Super Speed waveguide. The resulting Air Helix then receives a PE network jacket and rhodium- plated plugs before the finished cable is subject to thorough final inspection.

Presscomments on the in-akustik AIR cables

LS-4004 AIR

„This cable carries a lot of consideration and manual work. The LS-4004 AIR is one of the finest cables we’ve ever heard. It is gifted with a phenomenal analysis. Moreover it features a lush bass and a great panorama.“

stereoplay | 01-2018


„This cable has what it takes to lift the performance of my chain into the next class! [...] The music flowed effortlessly into my ear and from there coursed right into my stomach.

My goodness - that was fun!“

Fidelity 38-2018


LS-2404 AIR

“It’s difficult to describe – you have to experience it yourself. Or to put it in terms of money, a hi-fi combination worth €20,000 can be improved by 20% simply with the LS-2404 AIR. That amounts to an extraordinary value.”

Stereoplay 01-2017


LS-1204 AIR

„A stroke of genius that also shows the competitors the limits. Processing: outstanding“

AUDIO | 12-2018


„Therefore, the very elaborate hand-crafted cable with an insulation made of air is a real insider tip.“

HiFi Test | 05-2018